Religious Education Grades 1-8

Weekly Religious Education classes are offered for grades 1-8 .  We will be in person this upcoming year, 2022-2023.   Family Catechesis will be available through the Gospel Weeklies program.   Supplemental information from the Loyola textbook, will be part of this program.  If anyone would like additional information concerning the Family Catechesis program, please contact the Religious Education office prior to registering your child or at the time of registration.  Click here to download and print the Registration Form –> Religious-Education-Registration-2022-2023

Sacrament of First Holy Communion (Grade 2)

First Holy Communion is celebrated in the spring of second grade, after two years of preparation.  Each student should be enrolled in the first grade so that their preparation is complete by the end of second grade. Students will attend class in person.

Prayer, Moral Teachings, Liturgical life of the Church, and Social Justice (Grades 1-5) 

Grades one through five concentrate on the life of the Church and it’s many different aspects. Each year the Loyola program builds on the previous years in all of these aspects, as the children are increasingly able to comprehend the beauties of the Catholic Church teachings.

Old and New Testament Studies (6th and 7th grade)

Sixth and seventh-grade classes focus on the study of the Bible.  The rich history of the Church and Catholic traditions are also woven into each lesson.  The sixth graders receive their own Bible for home use and study the Old Testament in class, while seventh graders study the New Testament using the Bibles and material based on the weekly Liturgy of the Word in Sunday Mass.

Sacrament of Confirmation (8th grade)

Eighth-grade students complete the preparation for the reception of the sacrament of Confirmation.  The text, Decision Point, from Dynamic Catholic is used along with a program written specifically for this parish. The expectation is that students will be in class to prepare for Confirmation during the 6th, 7th, and 8th grades.  Confirmation is received in the Fall of ninth grade.

To Register

Please contact the Director of Religious Education at 703-437-7113.




Director of Religious Education