2021 White House Ornament Sale

The White House Historical Association Christmas Ornament for 2021 commemorates the presidency of Lyndon Baines Johnson. One side of the ornament features a painting of the 1967 Blue Room Christmas Tree by Robert Laessig, a designer for American Greetings. The painting was used for the card sent out by President and Mrs. Johnson that year. On the other side of the ornament is a quote from President Johnson spoken to a joint session of Congress on March 15, 1965. “Our mission is at once the oldest and the most basic of this country: to right wrong, to do justice, to serve man.”
We will have the ornaments for $22.00, the profit of $6.00 benefitting Workcamp. The ornaments will be available November 14 from 8:30 to 11:30 in the vestibule of the church.   Please email Betsy Coffey if you would like to reserve one or more at b.coffey@stbchurch.com. Thank you.